Special Occasions

Consider marking important occasions with a balloon ascension, such as graduation, deal closings, birthdays, and, of course, weddings.


Envision sharing your wedding vows high in the sky, as you kiss and become husband and wife. Getting married in a hot air balloon is the ultimate wedding for those that love the free feeling of the great outdoors and the wide open spaces.

weddingIt happens only once in a lifetime, so make it as special! If you like, we can help you locate a caterer setup a wedding breakfast on the grounds of the flight site.

Decide whether you prefer the wedding ceremony held high in the sky, or down on the ground prior to ascending. Get married in a hot air balloon with only the minister and pilot, or invite parents to share it with you as you seal your vows. Wear a wedding gown and hold a bouquet of flowers. Your wedding can be anything that you want it to be.

Enjoy the thrill of the flight as the balloon slowly ascends higher and sways with the breeze. Know that when you start to descend once again to the ground, that you have just shared your first wonderful moments together as husband and wife after you gotten married in a hot air balloon.

wedding2If you are getting married in a traditional gown and tux, you might want to change to walking shoes and jeans as you ascend for comfort.

Choose to get married while on the ground or up in the air. Either way you can invite your parents to share it with you.

This is a once in a life time romantic event. You will want to share this with your grandchildren one day. Make sure you have someone take pictures, and/or video.

It will be more comfortable to wear sneakers instead of bridal shoes.