Your Flight

Crew Casey & Kory, and pilot Ken Eske

Crew Casey & Kory, and pilot Ken Eske

We pride ourselves in giving our hot air ballooning customers a first-class experience. This is what your Taos balloon flight itinerary will look like.

We meet our guests 45 minutes before sunrise. After that, we drive to the launch site on the Rio Grande Gorge and give you a balloon safety and flight lesson including firing off the burners and flying the balloon if you wish.

We also take photos during set-up, in flight and on the ground. Our beautiful balloons lift off at sunrise when the winds are gentle and predictable. Paradise Balloons prides itself on a flawless flying record since it’s inception in 1991.

inflationBIGThe balloon flight lasts about an hour. We fly up, over, down, into and through the Rio Grande Gorge. The canyon is about 600 feet deep. We then follow the river downstream for a possible “splash and dash”.

touching down in the Rio Grande Gorge, Taos, NM

“Splash & Dash,” touching down in the Rio Grande Gorge, Taos, NM

You might even see golden eagles, deer, or big horn sheep in the canyon walls. The balloon then rises up out of the Gorge for a glorious gentle panoramic flight over Taos Valley.

After landing, we pack up and have a traditional “Champagne Brunch and Celebration.”

The whole ballooning experience lasts about 4 hours.

In Taos, we are blessed with good ballooning weather almost every morning, and it’s rare to cancel. There is no charge until after the flight.

We have a 48 hour cancellation policy.

Thanks so much for your interest in flying with Paradise Balloons!paradiseballoon01BIG